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Over the years, I have owned numerous A2000's and A1200's. I still have a working A1200. Now, I mostly emulate the Amiga on my Windows box.

Populous II


WinUAE is the preferred Amiga emulator.

Fullscreen Toggle

F12, Host / Display : Settings : Full-screen native modes


These are the keyboard shortcuts in WINUAE 1.2:

  • HELP has been remapped to Page-Down.
  • F12 brings up the GUI.
  • PRINTSCREEN copies WinUAE's current screen to clipboard
  • END + PrintScreen: save screenshot file (was F11 in older versions)
  • END + F5: restore state
  • SHIFT + END + F5: save state
  • PAGE UP: Action Replay "freeze"-button
  • SCROLL LOCK toggles screen refresh, speeding up the emulation.
  • PAUSE pauses emulation
  • PAUSE+END sets turbo speed
  • END+F1, F2, F3 or F4 allows you to change disks in one of the four Amiga disk drives.
  • SHIFT+END+F1...F4 ejects the disk.