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Back to the roots, I guess

Random .MOD selections by random people :)

Non Plus Ultra

Really obscure 'intelligent techno' found on Aminet (these require software capable of LHA decompression, plus a .MOD-compatible player):

Non Plus Ultra - September 1995 [1]

Non Plus Ultra - October 1995 (the best of this lot) [2]

Non Plus Ultra - November 1995 [3]

Mortimer Twang aka. Lukas Nystrand

Aptly described as the DJ Shadow of the Amiga MOD Scene, Mortimer Twang did some very fine breakbeat/jungle/drum 'n bass tracks using an A500 and a big crate of old jazz records.

Complete works available in MOD format (zip archive): [4]

'Best-of' DJ set by DJ Nova (recommended starting point!): [5]

Mortimer Twang today: [6]