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Through annoying experiments, I have discovered that a working Gentoo installation requires about 6 GB of HD space.


rc-status -a                  shows all initscripts and their status
rc-update -a SCRIPT default   add SCRIPT to default runlevel
rc-update -d SCRIPT default   remove SCRIPT from default runlevel
/etc/init.d/SCRIPT stop       stop SCRIPT
/etc/init.d/SCRIPT start      start SCRIPT
/etc/init.d/SCRIPT restart    restart SCRIPT

If you encounter problems like:

* WARNING:  "SCRIPT" has already been started.

you can resolve them with

/etc/init.d/SCRIPT zap

Users Management

add user:

# useradd svin -m -G users -s /bin/bash
# passwd svin

remove user:

# userdel svin

File Locations

/etc/make.conf          - USE and compiler flags
/etc/package.keywords   - which versions of packages to install (see
/usr/portage/[category] - ebuilds
/usr/portage/distfiles  - software tarballs
/usr/portage/licences   - software licenses
                        - currently installed package settings and ebuild


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