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With a good band / artist name, you can make a name of yourself (litteraly)!

Before you venture into music history alongside infinite pools of artists, choosing the correct name to brand your business might help your advancement into celebrity rank..

Consider it a logo! If you eventually decide to actually spend more time creating music than, for instance reading this stupid guide, you may eventually produce a record which of course will contain your artist name. This might be crucial in that brief moment some guy is flipping trough records in the local record shack; "What's that? The Juggling Suicidal Diarrhea Elephants? Sounds great!!!" This is often the point of rise and fall for hopeful, self-proclaimed up-and-coming artists, who recently spent all their money on new guitar strings and live in a matchbox's basement, killing and eating pigeons.. Actually, a decent band name might be all you need, without even the music. How many times, in the heat of a music related discussion haven't you said; "Yeah, i've heard about that band!", while you don't remember any songs they've made?

Well, to help you get started, here's the Encyclopedia Of Stupid Artist Name Suggestions

No. 1: The method based approach

Assist your creativity by applying rules, like in drinking games..

  The + (insert word)
  A common technique.. ex. "The Chnique". "The Shit", "The Fuck", "The Xfrs Zbotq Wphy"
  Select a name from a band which plays the opposite of what you consider your own music, then invert the name
  ex. "I'm Happy!" (Christian Rock) converted: "You're Sad!" (Death Metal)
  (Your name) + (Your instrument)
  50/50 chance of succeeding.. ex. "Barry Baryton", "Alicia Keys", "Adolph Mandolin"
  (Verb) + (Preposition) + (Adjective) + (Substantive), or eventual rearrangement
  ex. "Running On Wet Floor", "Shooting At Whimsy Chickens", "Puking Under Crumbling Bridges"

No. 2: The magnificent list of ready-to-use (read: useless) names!!!

Can't find a suitable name? Let other people take care of it! It's no shame, and actually more common than most artist would admit. Look at boybands, they don't write their own music, write their own lyrics or play their own instruments. Sometimes they don't even sing themselves, or form the band themselves, so surely some of them doesn't make the name themselves. Actually they do nothing! The true path to success!!

A good name unused dies lonesome as wasted creativity, so look no further.. This evergroing list of names might aid your quest..

  Breakbeat /Tech House /Noise music
  Reproctating Vacuum Sergeant
  Eggshell Breaks & Beats
  GrenadeSampler Splint
  Pitbull, Itching Powder And Amfetamine
  Heavy Artillery Rules
  American Agressive Android Anti-Alien-Alligator Amplified
  Constructionyard Gangbangers
  Ambient A-bombs
  Ka-Chack fuuuuuuuuui Bla-Da-Boooom
  Spastic Apes With Tamburines
  The Steroid Gorilla Drummers
  Marching Brachiosaurus
  Jet-Engine Muzak Loungers
  Wolkswagen Rocketfuel
  The Dynamite Symphony
  Drill, Buzzsaw & Sledgehammer Quartet
  10000 Seagulls At The Fishmarket
  Bowlingballs In Concrete Truck
  Raining Whales
  Misplaced Gorilla
  Teenagepop /"Girly" Dance
  Sweet Kittenz LOL
  Candy Lickerz
  2L8 4 Luv
  Silicone Sisters
  Death Metal /Goth /Satanic /Punk
  Woodhouse Pyroman Accident
  Babyseal Massacre
  Fisting Frenzy
  Trash Everything
  Lobotomize This
  Roadkill Remains
  All Gore
  Please Bleed
  Ambient /Electronica
  Whispering Machines
  Shy Amoeba Resonator
  Clinging Clang
  Beep Tyyt
  Arxpholynk Echaepot Rhyxglup
  Sonar Satelite Choir
  Deepwater Dunk
  Things That Says Click
  Snail + Glue
  Sleeping Waffles
  A Tale Of Two Dishwashers
  Electric Analogue
  The Kilobit Conversation
  Ram & Rom
  Jelly In Stereo
  Scandinavian Anything
  AS Samurairengøring
  Helvetes Plystring
  Kagemandens Kontor
  Varsam Med Lyset Kalle, Jäg Kan Inte Se Ljuden!