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Favourite Tracks

Alphabetical order:

Abstract Truth: Get Another Plan                          "Rebirth of Cool, Vol. 7" 1998
Amon Tobin: Bridge                                        "Permutation" 1998
Autechre: Cipater                                         "Chiastic Slide" 1997
Autechre: Cichli                                          "Chiastic Slide" 1997
Autechre: fold4, wrap5                                    "LP5" 1998
Autechre: IV VV IV VV VIII                                "Draft 7.30" 2003
Björk: All Is Full Of Love (In Love With Funkstörung Mix) "Funkstörung: Additional Production" 1999
Boards of Canada: You Could Feel the Sky                  "Geogaddi" 2002
Brothomstates: Viimo                                      "Claro" 2001
Chick Corea: Light Years                                  "Light Years" 1987
Chris Clark: Indigo Optimus                               "Empty The Bones Of You" 2003
Funkstörung: Think                                        "Appetite for Disctruction" 2000
The Future Sound Of London: Egypt                         "ISDN" 1994
The Future Sound Of London: FSOL Deseo Reconstruction     "The Deseo Remixes" 1995
Hector Zazou: Visur Vatnsenda Rosu (with Björk)           "Songs From the COld Seas" 1994
Jean-Michel Jarre: Zoolook                                "Zoolook" 1984
Jean-Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Part 1                        "Equinoxe" 1984
Karime Kendra: Chemical Imbalance (DJ Die Mix)            "Rebirth of Cool, Vol. 7" 1998
Ken Ishii: Extra                                          "Jelly Tones" 1995
Lamb: Lusty                                               "Lamb" 1996
Lamb: Gôrecki                                             "Lamb" 1996
Lamb: Gabriel                                             "What Sound" 2001
Massive Attack: Risingson                                 "Mezzanine" 2001
Moloko: Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?          "Do You Like My Tight Sweater?" 1995
Peter Gabriel: San Jacinto                                "Security" 1983
Peter Gabriel: Of these, Hope                             "Passion" 1997
Plaid: Zeal                                               "Spokes" 2003
The Police: Once Upon a Daydream                          "Message in a Box" 1983
Roni Size: Ballet Dance                                   "New Forms" 1997
Roni Size: Brown Paper Bag                                "New Forms" 1997
Roni Size & Soul Coughing:
     A Plane Scraped Its Belly on a Sooty Yellow Moon     "Spawn: The Album" 1997
Squarepusher: Beep Street                                 "Hard Normal Daddy" 2001
Super_Collider: Radianations on the rise                  "Raw Digits" 2002
Super_Collider: Darn (Cold Way O' Lovin)                  "Head On" 1999
Sting: Fragile                                            "Nothing Like The Sun" 1987
Sting: Island of Souls                                    "The Soul Cages" 1991
Sting: The Hounds of Winter                               "Mercury Falling" 1996
Sting: End of the Game                                    "Brand New Day (Single)" 1999
Talk Talk: After the Flood                                "Laughing Stock" 1991

Favourite Albums

Alphabetical order:

Amon Tobin         Permutation (1998)
Autechre           Chiastic Slide (1997)
Autechre           Draft 7.30 (2003)
Chick Corea        Eye of the Beholder (1988)
Jean-Michel Jarre  Zoolook (1984)
Lamb               Lamb (1996)
Massive Attack     Mezzanine (1998)
Mike Oldfield      Amarok (1990)
Moloko             Do You Like my Tight Sweater? (1995)
Peter Gabriel      Passion (1997)
Plaid              Spokes (2003)
                   The Rebirth of Cool vol. 7 (1997)
Roni Size          New Forms (1997)
Squarepusher       Hard Normal Daddy (2001)
Sting              The Soul Cages (1991)
Super_Collider     Raw Digits (2002)
Talk Talk          Laughing Stock (1991)
Tool               Lateralus (2001)