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Guwange-intro1.png Guwange-intro2.png Guwange-playerSelect.png

The game has a beautiful intro, albeit a bit heavy on the pink :). You can select from 3 different players, the usual stereotypes, the angry kid, the beautiful girl and the demon-like dude...

Guwange-enemyNinja.png Guwange-swords.png

The game looks normal enough at first, a couple of enemy soldiers to kill...

What is not normal, is that Guwange is a shooter, and this particular ninja throws swords at a rate of about 50 swords/second!

Guwange-lvl1boss.png Guwange-boss1.png Guwange-boss2.png

The bosses aren't stingy with the ammo either, and the screen is filled with missiles to such a degree that the game becomes a test of real-time geometric interpretation and prediction of patterns.


These tounged spiders look ugly enough, but they are just precursors of something much worse.

Guwange-pussyOfDeath1.png Guwange-pussyOfDeath2.png

... namely this abomination: a cross between a giant spider and a nice pussycat.