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LaTeX Tips & Tricks

Line Indenting

If you write a new paragraph that should not be indented, use the command

\noindent Some text...

Keeping Stuff on the Same Page


A Horizontal Separator Line


Sectioning Without Numbering


Font Selection

Select a replacement for the default roman font, from this list:

bookman  - artistic font
chancery - ugly slanted font
charter  - cool font
newcent  - nice readable font
palatino - nice soft font
times    - good old times
zapfchan - ugly slanted font

Math Tips


Here is a command for defining a vector


So the code

\vect{x}{y} = \vect{x_0}{y_0} + t \vect{1}{1}

results in <math>\begin{bmatrix}x\\y\end{bmatrix} = \begin{bmatrix}x_0\\y_0\end{bmatrix} + t \begin{bmatrix}1\\1\end{bmatrix}</math>

% formatting:

Figures and Tables

Inkscape to PDF

Fitting page to drawing:

  • Draw a bounding box around your drawing. Select the box.
  • Enter Document Properties (Ctrl+Shift+D). In the 'Page' tab, press 'Fit page to selection'.
  • Remove the bounding box.

The PDF export from Inkscape currently ignores the page size. Therefore, the preferred way of importing Inkscape drawings is saving them as SVG and converting them using ImageMagick.

Transparency doesn't seem to work.

LaTeX code:


Source Code



LaTeX code:

print "hello verb"

Raster Image Into PDF

PNG image:

$ convert pic.png pic.pdf

LaTeX code:

\begin{figure} % ... or table, same syntax

Multi-Column Figures and Tables

use \begin{figure*} and \begin{table*}