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  • mono - install with macports
  • doxygen - install with macports
  • subversion - note that binaries are installed in /usr/local, so you may have to update your PATH variable in ~/.profile. Note that subversion is installed by default on OS 10.5 so you shouldn't do anything in that case.
  • dtruss ( ~ strace )



  • cog - simple player with flac support
  • Max - nice CD ripper with CDParanoia and flac support
  • ncmpcpp - MPD client
  • Wiretap - feature-rich sound recording utility (shareware)


  • firefox
  • adium (multi-protocol IM client)
  • Tomato Torrent
  • Fugu (simple and functional sftp / scp client)


  • iTerm - a terminal emulator (replaces with 256 color support and fullscreen mode.
  • The MacPorts Project - a complete OSS distribution. Easy to install, easy to use. Common commands:
    • sudo port sync - synchronize package database
    • sudo port upgrade outdated - rebuild and install updates
    • sudo port selfupdate - update macports installation
    • sudo port variants PACKAGE - list different package configurations
    • sudo nice -n20 port install PACKAGE -option1 +option2 - install PACKAGE without option1 and with option2
  • pciutils
  • iMouseFix or MouseFix - makes mouse acceleration behave a little less freaky. Start MouseFix using ~/.profile
  • DesktopManager - workspace switcher - does not seem to work properly with 10.4.8



MacVim is an awesome Mac OS Cocoa port of GVim with fullscreen support.

The downloadable build has an old version of Python built in. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to build MacVim yourself. I have XCode and have the Python and Ruby MacPorts installed, so i downloaded the source and followed the build instructions, except I configured with:

./configure --enable-rubyinterp --enable-pythoninterp --enable-gui=macvim


Word documents on Mac OS may look weird, because Word uses the Symbol.ttf font for bullets and the like. Put a symbol.ttf font into


There is a symbol font here.


  • Deprecated: Disk Order - semi-unstable classic file commander
  • 7zX (7zip client)
  • SIMBL and megazoomer = fullscreen
  • QuickLook source code with qlcolorcode
  • ScreenFlow (99$) records video from desktop and camera.
  • Disk Inventory X - creates treemap of disk
  • muCommander - cross platform classic file commander. See the muCommander page for more information.


  • ComicBookLover - awesome but shareware with nag logo
  • Comical - free but less awesome