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Usage Examples

Aspect ratio problem - everything is too tall

mplayer -aspect 16:9 file

Move subtitles below picture

mplayer -vf expand:0:-150 file
(move subtitles with r and t)


mplayer -vf expand=:::1::4/3 -subpos 100 file

In Windows, display on other screen (e.g. TV out):

mplayer -adapter 2 file

If colours are scrambled when using DirectX output:

mplayer -vo directx:noaccel


Gentoo Installation with Ascii Art

Mine is installed with the following USE flags:

aalib dvd dvdread encode gif iconv ipv6 jpeg libcaca mad
oss png sdl truetype unicode vorbis win32codecs xvid


Destroy your speakers with BassDrive:

$ mplayer

Or do it through a proxy:

$ mplayer http_proxy://