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Projects and Hobby Stuff

gamelog schmid Brogue mac -y 2009 -G "Brogue, or Brians' Rogue, named after its creator, Brian Walker, is a modern descendant of Rogue, easy and casual to play, with a lot of cool modern features. It is similar to Rogue in that there are no character classes, no city, and scoring is normally based simply on gold."
gamelog schmid Brogue mac --datetime "2013-08-25 21:00" -m "I'm playing Brogue for the first time on Nabaz' mac. I think he fell asleep. This game is pretty cool."
gamelog schmid Brogue mac --datetime "2013-08-25 21:15" -m "I released a helper monkey and it works for me now. Awesome."
gamelog schmid Brogue mac --datetime "2013-08-25 21:30" -m "I discovered a Goblin hideout, with lava, a lightning sentry totem, and an Ogre held captive by the Goblins. I freed it, and now I have a helper Ogre."
gamelog schmid Brogue mac --datetime "2013-08-25 21:46" --score 867 -m "Euw, on level 6 there was an Acid Mound, which I didn't want to fight, but I was up against the wall, so I turned to the highly unreliable tactic of using a staff of Polymorphism. The Acid Mound turned into a Centaur, which was even worse. I then proceeded to turn the Centaur into a Black Jelly, which also seems fairly dangerous but slow, so I used a Haste Charm and ran for it. I ran into a dead end and it got me."


  • Update backup policy
  • Setup rsync backup








  • mtr (my traceroute)