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(Numeric Keypad)
(Numeric Keypad)
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[[Noisy PuTTY Patch]]
[[Noisy PuTTY Patch]]

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Putty Bitmap Fonts


PuTTY running with the TopazPlus a600a1200a4000 v1.0 font

A few example fonts usable with PuTTY: has a package called t! that contains a set of Amiga fonts, including Topaz.

Terminus Font is a nice readable bitmap font that comes in various sizes.

The Windows standard font Terminal works well with VT100 line-drawing characters.


A few key settings for bitmap fonts and getting line drawing characters to work properly:

Window:Appearance:Font settings:Font quality [Non-Antialiased]
Window:Colours:Indicate bolded text by changing:The colour

For some reason, I could only get line drawing characters to work properly by setting:

Window:Translation:Remote character set:ISO-8859-1
                   Handling of line drawing characters:Use Unicode line drawing code points      

Or possibly

Window:Translation:Handling of line drawing characters:Poor man's line drawing

PuTTY in 256 Colors

Terminus font, various Vim 256 color colorschemes

PuTTY works perfectly well with 256 colors, but a lot of Linux software doesn't. Mostly, it's a question of setting


as your terminal string.

Vim works with 256 colors, and GVim colorschemes will work if you install the excellent CsApprox Vim plugin.

Window:Colours:Allow terminal to specify ANSI colours
Window:Colours:Allow terminal to use xterm 256-colour mode
Connection:Data:Terminal-type string [putty-256color]

Terminal Games

Brogue, DoomRL, Star Trek, and Nethack using Topaz and Terminus fonts
Nethack and Angband using the Terminal font


Terminal DoomRL is started with:

doomrl -console -nosound

You may need to disable Num Lock on your keyboard.


Brogue needs a sufficiently large terminal, otherwise it won't render. Currently, terminal Brogue only uses 16 colors and it looks a bit messy compared to the SDL version.

Building console Brogue on Linux:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev

make curses


Angband seems to have trouble with the 256 color modes, a workaround is launching it with:

TERM=putty angband -mgcu -- -b

The other options means text mode, big screen.

Using the Terminal font and enabling Unicode line drawing points, Angband gets nice walls. Angband also seems to have trouble with missing screen refresh in tmux, so maybe run it in its own terminal, always Ctrl-X out and you can resume without fear of overwriting your save (which totally can happen if you start more than one instance).


Using the Terminal font and enabling Unicode line drawing points, you can start nethack with

nethack -dec

To get beyond ASCII line drawing.

Note that for high resolution monitors, you can scale the Terminal font beyond the sizes listed by entering any number, e.g. size 22 works well for playing Nethack on a 1080p monitor.

Numeric Keypad

Terminal:Features:Disable application keypad mode


Noisy PuTTY Patch