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Stage 6

Stage 6 is hard, it requires intimate knowledge about the level layout and precision movement.

Dop sprite

Rtype stage6 1.png
This part of stage 6 is tricky - you need to get through the area with the vertical tunnels as early as possible, and then stay on the right until the Dop transporter exits the rightmost tunnel, and then move back into the tunnel yourself until all the Dops have passed.
Rtype stage6 2.png The part efter the checkpoint is even worse. If you lost your power-ups, you have to immediately stick to the first ceiling above you and fire like crazy on the row of Bydo dropping down on the right. If you stay there, the POW Armor will come to you. After that you have to navigate between the Dops and hug the wall above the little room in the middle. You can send your Force down and take out the POW Armor for you. After that, you have to squeeze between to Dops:
Rtype stage6 3.png
And then you'll be ready for the final boss, which is just a lot of Dops coming down from the ceiling and moving around the level.

My current approach to them is to stay in the top area and move back and forth, avoiding the Dops without shooting.

An alternative strategy: I stuck my Force on the back of the ship and stayed on the right side of the leftmost area, using the Force to shoot left at the enemies before they turn back down. I do this until the final two, where the first is facing its vulnerable point left. I simply dodge those two, and the boss is over.

Stage 7

My current approach to stage 7 requires starting the stage with a force unit and a bit device. If you need to avoid the speed power-up, you should refrain from shooting before it passes overhead.
Rtype stage7 01.png

When you enter the inside of the decaying base, you should find an opportunity to swap the force to the back.
Rtype stage7 02.png

Then, wait for the leftmost explosion, and enter the small tunnel.
Rtype stage7 03.png

A bit later, a big orange thing slowly approaches from the left. Leave it be and swap the force to the front. Take care of as many enemies as possible in the 3 tunnels, before entering the middle tunnel in front of the orange thing.
Rtype stage7 05.png
Rtype stage7 06.png

Place your ship in the leftmost opening, destroying both waves of enemies coming down from above.
Rtype stage7 07.png

Stay at the left to finish off the last of the enemies.
Rtype stage7 08.png

When above the pit of launchers, move to the right to draw them to right...
Rtype stage7 09.png

... and then murder them.
Rtype stage7 10.png

Make sure to get the Bit Device, if you only have one.
Rtype stage7 11.png

Place yourself in the area marked green for the boss fight. This placement should avoid being hit by falling trash (as long as you have the Bit Devices). Move vertically to avoid shots from the Star Wars trash worms that fire bullets at you and concentrate fire on the boss.
Rtype stage7 12.png

R-Type Final



#03      4170 4170
#24      5050 1060
#59      5959 5959
#100     9910 0101


Recommended ships:

  • Stage 2.0: R-13T Echidna
  • Stage 5.0: R-9S Strike Bomber (has the Mega Wave Cannon, which is awesome against any boss)