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Resident Evil 5

Game Structure

  • When exiting the game, the items and treasures from last autosave point is retained. Reaching a checkpoint is not enough.

Recommended Weapons

  • M92F handgun (start)
  • M3 shotgun (3-3)
  • AK74 machine gun (5-1)
  • Dragunov SVD rifle (2-2), and H&K PSG-1 rifle (5-3)
  • S&W M29 magnum (3-1)

Resident Evil 4

General Tips

  • flash grenades kill exposed parasites instantly (including the ones with a human body still attached)
  • the merchant fills up a gun when upgrading the capacity - upgrade magnum when out of ammo
  • use (flash or normal) grenades on flocks of crows
  • rocket launcher - one shot, one kill, even for bosses
    • use it for Salazar's right hand (does not work if he is not frozen)
    • use it for the Salazar symbiote, you have to hit Salazar when his body comes out of the symbiote
  • if enemies have armour or shields, use the shotgun!
  • blind slashers cannot hear you if you walk and don't run
  • chapter 4-1, free broken butterfly: when Ashley is done with her little solo adventure, backtrack to the roof of the castle, where there is a 'piggyback'-accessible room
  • when giants go to their knees, you can climb them for a little bit of fast-slashing


Recommended Weapons

  • Red9 (chapter 2-2) with stock
  • Riot Gun (chapter 3-1) or Striker (chapter 4-1) (the riot gun is OK, it might be stupid to wait for the Striker)
  • Rifle (semi-auto) (chapter 3-1)
  • TMP (chapter 1-2) (people say it sucks ass, but you find ammo for it, so why not use it?)
  • Broken Butterfly (chapter 3-1 or chapter 4-1 for free) or Killer7 (chapter 5-1)

Optional Weapons

  • Mine Thrower (3-1)


  • Salazar Symbiote: Shoot eye, then use Grenade Launcher on Salazar
  • Krauser: Use low knife attack
  • Saddler: Shoot the eyes on the legs, shoot anywhere with mine thrower