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Windows Utilities

  • schtart - Windows XP Start Menu replacement
  • waitclose - wait for named window to open and then close
  • smplayer - Shuffle MPlayer - command-line tool to play all movies in a dir and all subdirs in random order using MPlayer

Cross-Platform Utilities

  • Schmearch - Quick meta search engine
  • jm.rb - Command-line Jabber message utility written in Ruby

Linux Utilities

  • sdf - a fancy df replacement with bar charts and colours
  • fixnames - recursively fix filenames, i.e. replace spaces with underscores and the like, written in Ruby

Experiments / Unfinished

These projects are

  • Noisy PuTTY Patch - a simple patch for the great terminal emulator, PuTTY, to make it beep on text output
  • JayTracer - reference raytracer, written in C++. The page also contains a Python version.
  • AdjustSrtTiming - utility to adjust timing in .srt subtitles files.
  • Poveruby - POV-Ray with embedded Ruby