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Windows Built-in Commands

icacls directory /reset /t    - recursively remove all permission settings from directory
taskkill /f /im program.exe   - forcefully kill process
explorer /select,C:\path      - open C:\path in Windows Explorer
                                (yes, the comma is necessary - weird!)
sysdm.cpl        - system device manager
desk.cpl         - desktop settings
ncpa.cpl         - network connection property (access?)
appwiz.cpl       - application wizard
wscui.cpl        - windows security center user interface
powercfg.cpl     - power configuration
main.cpl         - mouse configuration
cmd                - command interpreter
netstat            - network connection information
netstat -b         - ... with process names
net use            - view network connections
net use /delete r: - delete network connection 'r:'
ipconfig           - internet protocol configuration
msconfig           - system configuration
mstsc /   - microsoft terminal services client
sndvol32           - sound volume (mixer)


User environment in registry:


Global environment in registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

SysInternals PSTools

- download from

pskill task              - kill 'task'
junction link dir        - create a symbolic link from 'dir' to 'link'
junction -d link         - delete 'link'
psshutdown -hct 600      - hibernate in 10 minutes (cancellable)
psshutdown -dc           - suspend (cancellable)