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* [ muCommander] - cross platform classic file commander. See the [[muCommander]] page for more information.
* [ muCommander] - cross platform classic file commander. See the [[muCommander]] page for more information.
* [ produkey] - Shows Windows product keys
* [ produkey] - Shows Windows product keys
* [ smartmontools] - Can show HDD power state
=== UnixUtils ===
=== UnixUtils ===
* [ Download UnxUtils here] and add 'wbin' to path.
* [ Download UnxUtils here] and add 'wbin' to path.

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- see Emulation



Download MinGW-x.x.x.exe (only in 'Proposed' release at time of writing) and MSYS-x.x.x.exe from

  1. install MinGW (base tools, g++ compiler, MinGW Make) in default location
  2. install MSYS in default location, post install (y), MinGW installed (y), where: c:/mingw

Do not use the msysDTK-x.x.x.exe installer. The above stuff actually works!

  • experimental: install Cygwin user.exe, set up path to include c:\mingw\bin, c:\msys\1.0\bin and c:\cygnus\cygwin-b20\H-i586-cygwin32\bin and use bash.exe. Also, to fix rake and similar scripts, put a copy of bash.exe in c:/bin/sh.exe


Get from and add 'bin' to path.

If you want to use svn+ssh, you should copy ssh.exe from plink.exe (PuTTY). But it's easier to use WebDAV.


Rake doesn't work out of the 'one-click installer box', here's a dirty fix:

Start an MSYS shell and execute this:

ruby c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.7.2/bin/rake $*


Don't use XNA, it strengthens the iron grip of Microsoft on the development community. However, my work requires I use it, so I am doomed to use these tools.


  • GrafX2 - cross platform Deluxe Paint clone
  • The GIMP
  • Blender
  • Fraps for recording video (requires Nvidia Geforce or ATI Radeon graphics card)
  • otherwise, use FrontCam


  • Ableton Live
  • Audacity - use version 1.3.2+ with FLAC support!
  • Hotkey Sound Recorder - record using a hotkey - can only record up to 45 seconds in free version
  • SynthEdit
  • Traktor 2.6
  • DeliPlayer for more obscure Amiga music formats. Don't use it unless you are a very patient person, as the UI is frustrating and the command-line functionality leaves much to be desired.
  • VSTHost for playing around with VSTi's without starting a monster like Live - focus the onscreen keyboard and play on your computer keyboard = great fun!


  • Plug-ins:
    • TFMXPlug for Chris Huelsbeck music. Change subtracks with Alt+3
    • Sidplay2 for C64 SID tunes. Change subtracks with slider
    • Oldsk00l MOD player for Protracker, Noisetracker and many synthformats found on the Amiga, including Future Composer and SoundMon.
    • Highly Experimental plugin for PlayStation .psf files
    • WinampSwitch is a very strange plug-in. It can start your computer as an alarm clock, and can shut it down after finishing the current playlist in Winamp, if Winamp is dragged beyond the left edge of the screen. Weird. But it works :). (Earlier, I used Windows Scheduled Tasks manually with clamp for alarm clock)
  • Automation:
    • Use clamp. I use a script 'w.bat' for playing a file or directory:
clamp /stop /loadnew %1 /plfirst /play

And a script 'we.bat' for enqueueing:

clamp /pladd %1

I have also assigned 'w.bat' to F12 and 'we.bat' to Shift+F12 in Total Commander for extremely fast music selection.


Miranda IM



Download from

Must-have extensions:

Other interesting extensions:

Sidebar Right

Add this to profile dir/chrome/userChrome.css:

/* Display the sidebar in opposite side */
#browser {
    -moz-box-direction: reverse;

Or use the Rightbar add-on


Download vimperator here.

It works better with javascript focus disabled, which you can do in your 'user.js' file by adding this line:

user_pref("capability.policy.default.HTMLInputElement.focus", "noAccess");

- See also Configurable Security Policies.


Download from

Install      :   %ProgramFiles%\PuTTY
PATH         :   ;c:\progra~1\putty
* copy plink.exe to ssh.exe (in install dir) to make subversion work properly
* use ssh-keygen to create new private key and place in %HOMEPATH%\.ssh\identity.ppk
  and public key in %HOMEPATH%\.ssh\[computername].pub

I like using the Andale Mono font for PuTTY. I don't know why, but the keyboard setting for Function keys that seems to work for me nowadays is 'Xterm R6'.

Novell NetDrive (WebDAV client)

Download netdrive.exe


Program Settings... >> Cache

and set 'Expire Directory Listings...' and 'Expire Files...' to sensible values, e.g. a few seconds.

Also remember to set the proxy settings if you are behind a proxy.




Total Commander

Get from

Plugins - Just download and open zip file in Total Commander, and they will magically install :)

SysInternals Tools

Get these and put in 'c:/bin':


  • OpenOffice


Download and install basic-miktex-VERSION.exe (where VERSION >= 2.5) with standard settings. During compilation, when it encounters a package that is not installed:

  1. change package repository with 'Change...'
  2. select 'Packages shall be installed from the Internet'
  3. select a nearby package repository
  4. disable 'Always show this dialog before installing packages'


Get bleeding edge from - filename gvimVERSION.exe or stable from

set $HOME
install configuration in:


Omni Completion

  • You'll need exuberant-ctags for generating tag files. This version of ctags is patched to work with omni completion.
  • Currently, I'm trying out OmniCppComplete : C++ completion omnifunc with a ctags database. Installation in short terms:
    • install to vimfiles
    • run ctags -R --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q .


Cscope only really supports C, so it is not recommended for C++ projects.

  • download win32 cscope - see :h cscope-limitation for more information
  • see :h cscope-suggestions for configuration information (don't set cstag if you wan't to use ctags also)
  • check this tutorial

Artistic Style

C++ formatting tool


If you want Mediawiki highlighting, use Wikipedia.vim. If used with the ViewSourceWith Firefox extension, the file type will not be autodetected. This addition to %ProgramFiles%\vim\vimfiles\scripts.vim detects probable Mediawiki files:

if did_filetype()	" filetype already set..
    finish		" ..don't do these checks
" search the top 1000 lines for a section ('== section ==')
if search('^\s*=\+\s*\p\+\s*=\+\s*$', 'c', 1000)
    setfiletype Wikipedia


Essential configuration - edit %ProgramFiles%\vim\_gvimrc

set expandtab
set shiftwidth=4
set textwidth=79
set nobackup
au GUIEnter * simalt ~x
set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,latin1

Also, for *NIX-like tools, create a new environment variable

editor=gvim -f


  • AllChars - compose keys on Windows!
  • Synergy (share keyboard and mouse between n computers)
  • Alcohol 52% - CD & DVD emulation
  • InfraRecorder (burn/make ISO files)
  • Iso Recorder
  • AVG Free Edition
  • CDBurner XP Pro
  • WinRAR
  • JoyToKey
  • NirSoft Volumouse - Control the sound volume with a wheel mouse
  • NirSoft nircmd - control volume and other stuff from command-line
  • dsclock - transparent stay-on-top clock with a plethora of features
  • WinSplit Revolution - control window sizes using numpad
  • Vitrite - control window transparency with ctrl+shift+[number] (caution: may cause insanity if overused ;)
  • Zoomit - screen magnifier
  • Taskbar Magic - hides taskbar completely




If MPlayer is too hardcore, use 'VLC Media Player'